Dedicated Email and Website Addreesss for Local U3A Groups

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Our Connection with the U3A

U3A National Office and Cloudstock -
  • Between September 2018 and January 2020, Cloudstock director James Coote, worked at the U3A National Office in London working as the IT Support and Infrastructure Officer, looking after the National Offices PC’s and IT infrastructure along with answering technincal enquiries from U3A members. So there may be the chance that we may have previously spoken over the phone if you have ever had to call the National Office.
  • In this role, one of the most frequent technical questions asked was how can my U3A have its own web and email addresses, for example and an email address such as

    Most people nowadays agree that an organisation or company has to have a web or email addresses which gives the organisation a presence and online identity as this is what is now expected.

    We are not trying to steer you away for your current U3A SiteBuilder website as we know how reliable and dependable SiteBuilder is and how it is supported by a dedicated team of U3A volunteers who certainly know their stuff.

What can we offer your U3A?

Your U3A will have access to your own dedicated ‘control panel’ for where you will have –

  • Full control on creating and routing email addresses, full documentation provided in plain English and we are happy to assist.
  • Web domain registration. You can register your web domain through our website.
    Guide Prices for one years web/email domain registration – £5 p/a, £10 p/a, £10 p/a or if you already have your own domain name we can transfer it onto our servers.
  • Email address hosting – Once you have registered your domain then you can then start to use your U3A personalised email addresses through our online portal. We will provide you with unlimited email addresses and group email addresses which can be used for your subject groups and committees. (U3A National Office recommends that your committee members positions have their own email addresses such as and You could also setup dedicated email addresses for each subject group leader who run courses at your U3A, for example
  • Group email addresses – Say you have two or three members who run your photography course
  • Website hosting. Should your U3A require its own website we can set you up with a WordPress or Joomla website and even design it for you. But check with your members as you may have a web developer who can do this for you.
  •  Support – We are only a phone call away or you can chat with us online or email.

Our philosophy is to provide you with the best IT support, services and advice no matter who you are.

  • Data Security is our #1 priority.
  • Providing UK based support.
  • All data is stored and processed in the UK conforming to ISO 9001 and 27001 standards.

20% Discount For U3A Members.

Cloudstock is pleased to announce a 20% discount for all U3A members. When you first contact us, just say you are a U3A member and what U3A you belong to.

Remote Support so whereever you are in the UK, we can help.

No matter where you are in the UK, we can resolve most of your IT issues remotely. We use industry leading remote software, which is safe and secure, to connect to your laptop or PC. This also helps in describing your problem as instead of having to describe what your problem is over the telephone, you can show us directly on your laptops screen or PC monitor.